el mundo fuera​ la película

Alejandro Sanz

Hi all,

I’d like to open a window of hope to help us experience these current events from a different angle.

As of April 20, I’d like us to witness the world around us together, and share a glimpse into our lives. We might discover that we have a lot more in common and we are a lot more connected than we could ever have imagined.

EL MUNDO FUERA, THE MOVIE, is your story, it’s our story, it’s everybody’s story. Together we are going to create a group narrative that will transport us from one place to another.

If you fancy taking part, you can submit your videos to elmundofuera​.​alejandrosanz.com starting April 20. EL MUNDO FUERA, THE MOVIE, is a group effort, and this narrative belongs to you. In this film, the music and your stories are the protagonists.

Alejandro Sanz

Fancy taking part

Alejandro Sanz

Create your story by filming (or using existing) videos capturing life at present. You can submit a maximum of 10 videos with a combined total duration of 10 minutes. You can use your videos to show the world your video diary.

Tell us if your perception of things has changed and if music is helping you cope in this situation.

Please follow these recommendations:


Record your video (or use existing videos)

Please shoot landscape.



Keep your video under 10 minutes.



Make sure no music or voices can be heard in the background.



Make sure all the people in the video grant you their permission to use their image.

Thank you very much for participating in EL MUNDO FUERA, LA PELÍCULA. From this website and Social Networks I will inform you of all the news.

Here are some suggestions that can help you create the narrative for your story:

How can creativity contribute to this situation?
Have you changed?
Have you done anything for the first time these days?
What’s the first thing you’ll do after the lockdown?

See you soon!

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